Two Web Sites Worth Visiting

A dealer out of New Braunfels, Texas, has an impressive web presence.  It’s called Good Pickin’s Aladdin Lamps, and the address is  The site is up to date.  Announcements of coming 2018 shows attest to that.  One event is:

46th Gathering of Aladdin Knights – International Lamp Show and Sale, July 11 – 15, 2018, Embassy Suites River Front Conference Center, Peoria, Illinois, [contact] Tom & Maria Hopp General Knights, 309-341-5940,

Another event follows two months later:

Mideast Lamp Show & Sale Richmond, Indiana, October, 2018, [contact] Bob & Laura Daniels, 309-385-2337,

Something I found useful at Good Pickin’s was on the page for Aladdin Lamp Models.  The page looks like this and the address is


Click on a model name in the middle and it will bring you to a page with a schematic of that model.

The other site I would refer you to is  They have a physical presence as well in Dalton, Ohio.  This dealer is under a larger company, Crown Place Brands, which has its own site at

One page I recommend you study in depth here is  I was not aware of the differences between the Maxbrite burner and previous burners, and this page has the details.

This seller also offers an impressive catalog in PDF.  Here’s a shortcut to the catalog:

David A. Woodbury
Lincoln, Maine


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