A Useful Manual

Model 23A manual cover

A new Aladdin lamp purchased around 2003 would have included this illustrated 8-page “Enjoyment Manual.”  View and save it here:

AEM Model 23A.compressed

It includes some history (very little — there is more history at http://www.milesstair.com/Aladdin_Lamp_History.html), some tips on assembling and lighting, a glossary, a list of genuine Aladdin brand replacement lamp parts, and some tips.  I wonder whether they still use the little cartoon boy representing the character, Aladdin — (their own cartoon boy, not Disney’s).

I found it interesting that the manual recommends K-1 kerosene (fresh, however that is determined), or else Aladdin brand lamp oil.  I have burned K-1 kerosene in one of my lamps, and it certainly works well.  Where I live it is available only dyed deep red.  I still have five to six gallons from a couple of years ago, which I can dump into my furnace’s oil tank in the wintertime if I decide that it is no longer fresh.

I have left kerosene in a lamp for a very long time without burning it and I have learned that the wick either becomes so swollen that it can’t be raised or lowered, or perhaps the oil crystalizes and hardens the wick so that it won’t turn.  In either event, I have had a hard time to disassembled the burner and clean it to prepare for a new wick.

The page of tips includes information on filling the lamp in winter and in summer, advice on wicks and chimney cleaning, and tips on lighting and wick charring.

My own copy of this is printed on a single large sheet of paper that folds twice to make eight sides roughly 8 1/2 by 11 inches.  For anyone who has a lamp with a Model 23 burner or comparable component this manual may be helpful, or at least reassuring (if you are already doing things correctly without realizing it).


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