David A. Woodbury, author of a few good books, Registered Maine Guide, individual rights activist, naturalist, collector, and historian — that describes me somewhat.  I buy, sell, or trade Aladdin lamps and parts in the area of Lincoln, Maine, but I am also interested in quality oil lamps by Rayo, B&H, and some others.  Over the years I have acquired or reconstructed several Aladdin lamps as well as a couple of Rayo center-draft lamps.

This is merely a hobby.  I am not a dealer.  This is a site dedicated to bringing together information and related resources from several sources, both for my own reference and to help anyone else who might have one of these lamps and is deciding whether to keep it and try to use it or considering letting it go.

All Aladdin lamps, especially beginning with the Model A burner and continuing through the Model 23 and Maxbrite, are good light sources if they have been maintained and remained clean.  One with a simple aluminum or glass font (oil tank), a burner, and a chimney, may not be worth a lot of money to a collector, but it can probably be made to give good light.  The big money is in some, but not all, of the brass, nickel, and fancy glass models, especially when a glass shade and shade ring is included and everything is in great condition.

I can be contacted through the social media links on the home page, at woodburymaine@gmail.com, or by phone or text at 207-290-4994 (photos OK).

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